Photo shows Dr. Robert C. Fritz, Ph.D., a former professor at San Jose State University, standing over a kneeling Hugo David Huguin, Dr. Fritz's wife, Fern's brother's son (Fritz...

The Cycles of Recycling
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on white paper. At the top are recyling logos circling the earth and "the cycles of recycling" in black. The poster has five illustrations of cycles - paper, plastic, glass,...

Recyling Glass
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster with color photograph of a glass recycling facility, with a large pit where a conveyor belt is dropping shards of glass in. Verso has three section that include various classroom discussion...

Make a Difference
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on white paper. At the center is a gray background with a stylized image at the top of a figure throwing a rock through a window with "Bank of America" in red on the outside. At the...

Celebration of Craftswomen

Multi-color poster shows a sepia tone photograph of a woman wearing a sleeveless dress, flowers in her hair, and multiple pieces of jewelry. She holds a pottery vessel at left and a large platter...

Working in Glass in the Pacific Northwest
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Multi-color poster shows photographs of four glass artworks on a background of gray, white, and green geometric motifs. The artworks appear centered on the page in a vertical column. The text "...

An Invitation, The Pernod String Quartet and Cocktails for Two
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster printed in mint green and black ink on white paper. A graphic of a person in a suit and bowtie holding a tray lined with a napkin that has several glasses and a bottle with "Pernod" on the...

Don't Wait For Your Formal Invitation!

Poster is printed overall with a black and white photograph. The photo graph shows the top of a small table with pair of white gloves, an untied black bowtie, a photograph in an ornate frame, a...

You Are Cordially Invited To An Electron Banquet
c. 2000

Poster has a brown background with black text. In the center is an image of a woman next to a table with a champagne glass on top. In the background are ribbons of red, yellow, and blue. Poster...


Color film photonegative contains an image of Oscar Maurer sitting at a table raising a wine glass in his right hand. A man in a suit is partially visible at right.


Description: Close up of the Sproul Hall administration building doors. Nine glass panes have large holes in them. They are the result of a student protest on the UC Berkeley campus. Photo caption...


Photo depicts: A young white police officer sits and leans back on the Sproul Hall Administration building steps in the sun. He leans back on his arms with his legs out stretched. He has taken off...


Photo depicts: Two doors on a UC Berkeley campus building have had their glass shattered. Ther are large and small holes in the 12 small panes of glass on the top half of the two doors. Some panes...


Description: Close up of a shattered UC Berkeley car windshield as a result of a student riot.


Print depicts a glass of water casting a shadow behind and a reflection in the front. The background fades from a light green to orange.


Center of paper has a square image of a glass half empty with water and a spoon in it. The glass is casting a shadow and reflection to the right. The background is in shades of black and grey with...


Etching depicts a glass jar half full of water. The background is black at the top and fades to a light gray. The water in the jar appears dark. The jar casts a shadow behind and to the right and...


Etching depicts a glass jar half full of water. The jar and background are tinted a dark red with orange. The jar casts a shadow behind and to the right and a reflection to the front.


From the caption that ran with the image: "Letting down their back hair at 'Authors' Brunch' were (left to right) Harvey Ferguson, George R. Stewart, Jade Snow Wong, Sybil...


Image depicts Vukasin standing next to a runway, a table with a large number of people eating behind her. From the Oakland Tribune Collection


Typed on front, "E.L. Doctorow and James Baldwin at the first Poets & Writers party, October 16, 1978. Photo by Nancy Crampton." Image depicts a room full of people socializing at a party,...


From the caption that ran with the image: "Mrs. George Vukasin chatted with Donald Gibson. husband of OMC member". Image depicts George speaking to someone off-camera and Sonja...


Image depicts Tripp in a meeting, standing for the picture as several others in the room are seated for a discussion. From the Oakland Tribune Collection


From the caption that ran with the image: "MAP CHRISTMAS PARTY -- Planning the Oakland Booster's annual Christmas party are (front, from left) Edward Toothman, chief of police; Jim...

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