Dom Orejudos ~ artist

International Mr. Leather

Poster has a tan background with a drawing of a muscular man wearing leather pants, boots and a jacket that is half on. He has on no shirt. Below reads, "International Mr. Leather YM 1992 May 21...

International Mr. Leather 1990

Poster has a drawing of a nude man sitting on a chair holding one of his boots in front of him. He has on a leather hat and a straps over his chest with a leather jacket on the back of the chair....

1980 International Mr. Leather Contest

Poster is white with black text and image. In the center is a man wearing jeans and a leather jacket and hat. Below reads, "1980 International Mr. Leather contest."

International Mr. Leather 97
c. 1997

One poster with the image of a nude man with a black leather hat, a black leather glove on one hand, a black leather jacket on one arm, black leather boots and a white sock laying on a blue...

Internatioal Mr. Leather

One poster depicting a man with no shirt on and his trouser unbuttoned leaning in front of a stone fireplace wearing black boots and a cap. The text reads "International Mr. Leather / May 27-31,...

International Mr. Leather

One poster with a close up image of a man wearing a sunglasses, a cap, and a black leather vest with no shirt with his leather glove clad hand in a fist under his chin. Down the left side of the...

International Mr. Leather
c. 1999

One poster with a white border and "International Mr. Leather" at the top and "May 27-31, 1999 / Chicago - USA" at the bottom. Image depicts a man wearing trousers with a black belt, black leather...

Chicago eagle
c. 1984

One black and white poster depicting a man sitting in front of a stone wall with his arm wrapped around the leg of a standing nude man facing the wall. The nude man is wearing leather boots,...

Chicago Eagle
c. 1984

One poster which combines the images from 2010.54.4391 and 2010.54.4385. Image depicts a man in leather standing in a doorway on the left looking at two nude males in leather bondage on the right...

International Mr. Leather

One poster with a white background and an image of a nude man wearing leather boots, wrist guards, a belt across his chest, with a cap in one hand and a leather jacket in the other held over his...

Gold Coast
c. 1984

Multi-color poster printed on white paper shows a man reclining on a blue floor next to a piece of metal chain. The man is nude except for a black leather jacket, a cap with "DOM" on the front,...

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