Drummer Magazine

Southern California Drummer 1991

One black and white poster with an image of a man from the waist up standing with his hands on his head with a tile wall behind him. The man is wearing a leather harness and cap. Across the top is...

Mr. Drummer '83

One magazine poster with a red border and a black and white image of a nude man. The man is wearing a cap, sunglasses, one glove, and a harness and is carrying a leather jacket over one shoulder....

The Great Lakes Drummer '89
c. 1989

One white poster with black print. Across the top is "Back Door Promotions/B O Productions presents / The Great Lakes Drummer '89." Under that is a cartoon image in Chicago of the Mr. Drummer '89...

c. 1984

One black and white magazine poster depicting a nude man with his chest and arms bound. "Drummer" is printed on the left side. Verso: Has three other images of bound nude men and the title "San /...

untitled (male orgy)

One white magazine poster with black print. Image depicts twelve men in various stages of undress of their police uniforms or nude and engaging in various sexual acts on grass. IN the bottom right...

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