American Sign Language

Let my hands sing
Poster consists of black print on blue paper. Image depicts a man in a circle with his hands crossed (similar to the American Sign Language sign for butterfly) in front of his chest. Text...
Handsigns, a Sign Language Alphabet
c. 1995

Multi-colored poster on white paper contains "HANDSIGNS" printed vertically through the middle of the page in rainbow-colored letters. Surrounding the title are brightly colored squares that each...

Handtalk School

Multi-color poster shows a photograph of a woman holding up a book in front of a group of children in a room with several bookcases. Five small photographs across the top of the page show a girl...

Untitled (ASL caterpillar)

Multi-color poster shows a blue caterpillar wearing a bowtie and a cap in a green and brown landscape with cattails. The caterpillar's many legs are making gestures of American Sign Language....

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