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Sacramento during flood.  K Street east from Fourth Street. Stereo View Cards.  Title: Sacramento Floods.  The dates of the flood are a little vague. But Sacramento did flood as...

April 4, 1941

Original envelope reads: "Fires, Floods & Quakes."  Photograph shows a flooded city street with a cable car marked "18 Lakeshore" at center.  Parked cars appear...

December 3, 1951

Original envelope reads: "Fires, Floods & Quakes."  Photograph shows a flooded city landscape with several cars in standing water.  The water level reaches halfway up the...

c. 1925

Breuners Warehouse on 13th Street in Oakland. The street is flooded and a 1921 Ford Model T Touring Car and motorcycle sit on a dry part of the street


From caption on back of photograph: "The main street of Alturas, shown here under normal conditions, was flooded with six feet of water today after a dam break sent millions of gallons of water...

Feb. 13, 1925

Photo of an unidentified man standing under a structure in the lake. Water is up to his mid-thighs. Handwritten on back of photo, "Oakland, Calif." and "Embarcadero", and " Oakland Flood".


Tribune printed caption "Venice, Calif., Feb. 15.-- Although the flood, following heavy rains in the Los Angeles area, caused some residents to quit their homes, it also provided fun and frolic as...


Black and white photograph of a highway bridge extending into the horizon. On the left of the road is a large oak tree. A man is standing at the side of the road on the right. The ground is...

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