Graphic Arts International Union, printer

The 5th Annual Day in the Park for Women's Rights

Poster consists of blue and red print/text arranged in the shape of the American flag. In the left upper side of the psoter is a blue rectangle with white astrological women''s symbols in it. To...

Roses in December

Poster has an image of a girl wearing a purple and blue diamond pattern shirt holding out her hand with red roses and a piece of barbed wire across her chest. In the background are hills with four...

Help me save rare wildlife...and win yourself two free tickets to Superbowl XVII
c. 1982

Poster consists of white, red, and yellow print on a black background. Text at the top reads Help me save rare wildlife.../ And win yourself two free tickets / to Superbowl XVII" / -49er Guy...

Open To You

Poster has a central stylized image of a brown female figure with black and white hair wearing a red blouse and holding a black and white flower over her chest on a green background. Above the...

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