This is a black and white photograph that shows an aerial view of multiple pairs of women's shoes laid out on a floral print blanket at left, and various small toy figurines spread out on the...

ca. 1900

"Cornwall, Vernon Heights". Photograph. Description: Black and white photograph of interior of Vernon Heights. Room hal rocker in foreground, piano on the left side.


This is a black and white photograph of figurines placed amongst succulent plants. A nude female figurine in a sitting position appears at center on a cactus leaf. The female figurine faces a...

Chinese Tower
mid 20th century to late 20th century

This is an assemblage sculpture that consists of a rectangular column on a square base that is covered with beads and found objects.

late 20th to early 21st century|Late 20th Century to early 21st Century

A mixed media sculpture includes a taxidermy fish with painted surface set into extruded plastic. The fish is lined with fabric on the inward facing side. A large flat ceramic sheet that is...

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