The Home Team's International Roster of Official Terrorists
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on white paper. At the top are blue strips and the text "The Home Team''s / International Roster / Of / Official / Terrorists" in black and red. To the left and right are black and...

Nicaraguan Pan American Baseball Team

This poster promotes the "Nicaraguan Pan American Baseball Team / U.S. Goodwill Tour / Summer 1987". There is an illustration of a baseball player in a blue and white uniform hitting a ball. The...

untitled (Dodgers baseball player)

Poster has black ink printed on white paper. At the right is an illustration of a man in a LA Dodgers baseball uniform holding a ball and wearing a glove. Down the left is "The Joe Morgan / Youth...

Jackie Robinson

Poster has white unprinted edges enclosing a beige background wtih blue and black text and a color illustration at the right showing an African American baseball player in uniform. Across the top...

Negro Leagues Baseball

Poster has a beige background. At the center is a collage of images of African American baseball players and teams. At the bottom right of the image is "Negro / Leagues / Baseball". Above the...

Strike Out Violence

Poster has an unprinted white border all around enclosing a background image of a bird''s eye view of a baseball field, with the stands blurred. At the top of the poster is "Sheriff Michael...

Father Love

Poster shows an African American man in a beige/white cap and a white shirt holding an African American boy with a baseball mitt who is asleep on the man''s shoulder. Centered on the bottom edge...

Jack R. Robinson
Late 20th Early 21st Century

This off-white poster features a black and white photograph of an African American man in a suit and tie. "Jack R. Robinson / Star Athlete . Business Administrator" is printed in the bottom center...

First women to play professional baseball
c. 1997

One poster with red background and a blue diamond with a black and white image of a female African American baseball player in uniform in a bating stance inside. Next to the player is an image of...

15. Spanish American Sports Heroes

Poster has thin white border overall. Poster is printed with a large color photograph of the baseball player Roberto Clemente in a Pittsburgh Pirates uniform. The photograph shows the player...

Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster printed with blue and red ink on white paper. The page has an allover blue background. A logo of "Chief Wahoo" trademarked by the Cleveland Indians baseball team appears at center. The...

The Home Team's International Roster of Official Terrorists
c. 1990

Poster has a white background with red, black, and blue text. Toward the left and right are images of blindfolded people. In the center is a green baseball field with different countries as...

Black Ball: The Negro Baseball Leagues

Poster has a light tan background with brown and turquoise colored text. Poster reads, "Black Ball: The Negro Baseball Leagues" in large turquoise lettering. In the center are small black and...

Discover Greatness!

Poster a light purple border with a thin orange border. In the center is a green area with an image of an african-american baseball team and a man batting. In each corner are images of players...

untitled (40th anniversary of Hiroshima bombing)

Poster has a bright green background with a red diamond in the center. In the center of the diamond is a baseball player pitching a ball. On the left is a smaller baseball player using a missile...


From "Bartell, Harry Ala.Co.Supervisor" folder. From caption on back of photograph: "Alameda County Supervisor Harry Bartell is here shown at the old Fruitvale ballgrounds, now used for circuses...


This is a plaque presented to "Coach George Powles from 1975 Skyline Baseball Champions" of Skyline High School, Oakland, California.


This is a document for the U.S. Congressional Record, November 15, 1983. It honors McClymonds High School Alumni Honorees: George Powles, Dorothy M. Hinmarsh, and Mayor Lionel J. Wilson. It was...

This is a Certificate of Appreciation from the American Legion to George Powles.


This is a letter from Richard Nixon to George Powles written on April 12, 1971. It is signed by Richard Nixon and written on White House letterhead. It acknowledges Mr. Powles' accomplishments...

1963 - 1972

This is a plaque to Coach George Powles from Skyline Baseball Alumni, 1963-1972.


This is a resolution of the Board of Education of the Oakland Unified School District No. 23414. It is a tribute to "George B. Powles Sports Coach Extraordinary." It was issued May 30, 1972.


This is a plaque presented to Coach George B. Powles from the 1972 O.A.L Baseball Champions.


This is Resolution No. 367 of the Senate Rules Committee of the Senate, California Legislature, by Senators Nicholas C. Petris and John W. Holmdahl, dated May 30, 1972 to honor George Powles.

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