untitled (women tending to pills and watermelons)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has white unprinted edges at the left and right enclosing a background of brown dirt. Growing inthe dirt are vines sprouting watermelons, yellow flowers, and red, yellow and green pills....

circa 1989

Poster consists of black print on an orange background on white paper. At the top of the poster is a slice of watermelon with "Viva / El Cinco De Mayo!" printed in the pink part of the...

Que Viva Tu Recuerdo: Altars and Offerings for the Days of the Dead

Poster has a white background with black text. Main image is of a cross with a heart at the center, orange flowers adorning it, and hands reaching out from the corners. At the foot of the cross is...

This is a print of a family sitting on a porch in the moonlight eating watermelon.

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