circa 1982

Poster with images of various Chinese leaders, including Mao Zedong, at top, with a large, outstretched hand hovering over a spider, snake, and frog. Text in white is a quote from Mao Zedong.

untitled (repeated images)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster is printed on white paper with stylized color images arranged in five sections of 36 repeated images (three columns/nine rows). At the left are broken columns on a red background followed...

Native American Animal Tales

Laminated poster has white unprinted edges enclosing an orange, white and greed jagged line border. At the top is "Native American Animal Tales" in orange followed by three columns of black text...

untitled (woman in a bed)

Poster has a central stylized color image showing a woman lying wide awake in a bed in a room made of gray wood. The feet of the bed are all submerged in buckets of water. The window in the...

Hidden Hawaii: The Rainforests
Late 20th Early 21st Century

On the right side of the poster is a color photo of a lush green rainforest valley with waterfalls at the top right and center. To the bottom left of the image is "Kipahulu Valley, Maui." in black...

Hawaiian Forests are more than trees

Poster consists of white text with a red, blue and white image on a blue background. Image depicts a tree and plants in a forest with lots of birds, mammals and insects on it. Along the bottom...

In Search of Nature

The poster is printed with a blue gray background overall, the background small stylized images of animals and figures reminiscent of cave paintings. The top of the poster has the text: "Edward O...

Images from our Lives

Black and white poster shows a drawing of a woman facing forward with her legs spread at right and left. The woman is wearing a hat with two long horns at either side, a shirt with a flower on...

Spider Woman
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster is printed on white paper. Poster depicts an Indian woman in a skirt and blouse sitting on a rug with geometric designs. At the right side of the poster is black text that goes down the...

c. 1968

Poster has a black and white image of a human skeleton with tail that has six fuzzy spider arms with skeleton hands. Around the spider are bones and skulls. Printed above the image in white is "...

19th century

Child's linen book, with a spine stitched in yellow. Cover printed in blue with a smiling Mother Goose riding a goose above the tree tops on the front cover, "Mother Goose Rhymes." Little Miss...


Poster resembles eye chart, but instead of letters, there are animals.

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