Purple Onion
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has tan unprinted edges enclosing a purple background with white and black text and a stylized black image of an onion at the left. Text reads "purple onion / 140 columbus / san francisco...

Eco Motion Parade Berkeley Earth Day

Poster printed in green and black ink on white paper. "Eco Motion Parade Berkeley Earth Day" is printed in green letters on an image of the earth at top center and "Saturday April 21" appears on...

WIth these hands
c. 1986

Poster conissts of black print on white paper. Image depicts the hands and lower body of a farmworker in a field with shears in one hand and a bunch of onion plants in the other hand. Text...


Poster image is like a package for onion seeds. Center has a purple background with a large yellow and green onion. In the onion is black text with steps that the student organizing committee can...


This is a hardbound copy of "James Beard's American Cookery" published in originally in 1972 by Little, Brown and Company, Boston, Toronto. The full color cover features a clusterin of fruits and...


Print on cream colored paper of a bunch of onions braided together.


This is a print depicting a tuning fan in the center with cigarettes, green onions (or scallions) and fish circling the fan

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