Oakland Oaks baseball player Buzz Arlett posed with a lady during an Oaks and Elks baseball game while celebrating Buzz Arlett Day at the ball park. A large banner on the fence: "Congratulations...

c. 1925

An exterior scene of the American Theatre street car in the front of a large building. A dignitary is posed in front of the streetcar and several women and a man inside the car. A large crowd is...

c. 1925

Publicty for the theatre group and General Petroleum Corp. and Speedy gasoline

c. 1925

An exterior view of the Old Streetcar Theatre, a branch of the American Theatre with actor and actresses selling tickets to a crowd of spectators. A sign on the streetcar reads "Harold Lloyd...

Photograph. Description: view from Woodminster. Physical Description: black and white print, 9.625 x 15.375", with border.

ca. 1925

(Typed at foot of page) "CITY HALL OF OAKLAND. The city facing the Golden Gate and destined to become the New York of the Pacific Coast. $79,000,000.00 is now being spent in public improvements...

Earl Carroll Theatre Restaurant

A 1" x 3" rubber stamp identifies the man in this photo. It reads " Ballet Theatre Foundation/Presents/AMERICAN BALLET THEATRE/Mikhail Baryshnikov, Artistic Director" A smiling Baryshnikov is...


This print depicts a colorful street corner with cars stopped at a police roadblock

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