A portrait of an Oakland policemen's ball. With one exception, the men are all attired in tuxedos. The men are posed in two semi-circular rows, irrespective of height, so that many of the taller...


Image shows Alameida passing the basketball, while in his uniform with the number 21 on the jersey.

The caption pasted to the back reads "Bob Alameida (above), California's newly acquired...

Jan uary 20, 1374

Nothing written on back, image shows Willie Mosconi in a tuxedo, behind a billiard table with a cue stick and the billiard balls racked.


Image shows Alameida jumoing in the air to retreive a basketball, he is in his basketball jersey with the number 21 on both the shorts and tank top.

Two captions are pasted on the back,...


Loose page from 78.144.20

late 19th century to mid 20th century

This is an oil painting on canvasboard. A waterfall appears at center flowing over a cliff that is flanked by trees. A large black cat stands upright near the top of the waterfall against a...

c. 1991

Lithograph by Herlinda Spahr. Image of a drawing, torn in two, with a left hand drawing the left side and a right hand drawing the right side. Drawing is in black and white with the exception of...

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