c. 1870's

desk. Description: Desk. Library type with fold down writing surface. Maple or black walnut. c. 1870's. Traditional manufactured type.

Gavel of walnut wood,.

From the History Information Station:

Object: Black walnut gavel.

History: The gavel is a traditional symbol of authority, and is familiar to anybody...


Two seat settee with walnut frame and black leather upholstered seats (originally cowhide).

Rib Chair

This is a wood "rib chair" made in 1968. The cushion was re-made in 2003.

c. 2004

Narrow mirror with walnut frame and trim made from Japanese wood block with characters


Made in Oakland

Notes from Sylvia Bennet (wife of the artist and donor of the chair) re: the chair:

"This walnut chair has short, curved arms, which adjoin the back rail/backrest....


Large turned, black walnut bowl by by Bob StocksdaleThis was used as a serving bowl (salad?) by the previous owner. It was acquired by the donor in 1979

Untitled (Wooden Bowl)
Mid to late 20th century

Turned wood bowl made from Black Walnut with a wide shallow depression that tapers to a small circular base. Surface is varnished and shows multiple black knots in warm brown colored wood.

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