Poster has a black and white drawing of an old model car spewing smog into the air and oil onto the road. Along the right edge are seven red roqd signs with, STOP, HELP!, PAY, WRONG WAY, IDIOT,...

Ram & Flower: Love Intertwined

Poster printed on white paper. At the top is a stylized black, red, pink, purple and gray image of a ram''s head and a flower, separated into three horizontal panels. At the bottom of the poster...

It Will Flock You Up
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has a green printed background. At the top is a line of black and white sheep smoking marijuana joints. At the center is "It Will Flock You Up!" in black. At the bottom is "Be A Ram...Not A...

Earth's Ten Commandments

The top of the poster has a large drawing and text in the style of a lino-cut. The top edge of the poster has the text: "Earth's". Just below is a square stylized drawing of a ram in the...

Vernal Equinox Festival

Background of poster is a stylized drawing / map of the California coast that includes the bay area at the top and the central coast just beyond Lucia, CA at the bottom. The left half of the...


Image depicts a hand holding a plastic toy soldier holding a lance and mounted on a horse. behind this are a number of shelves with other plastic toys, including other knights, sheep, rams and...

20th century

This black and white matt finished photograph of Dorothy Liebes, shows her at her iconic rams head loom. (She appears to be wearing the same clothing she had on in 2004.9.3; the loom and room...

The Ram (Telegraph Hill-ites)

Provenance: Charles Campbell Gallery, 1976. Cat #d-117

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