pluralism - conceptualism


This is an aluminum sculpture with graphite-oil finish. The overall form of the sculpture is an oblong consisting of tightly wrapped coils. The coils wrap horizontally (with slight diagonal...

Drawing a line as far as I can reach

Graphite drawing of a repeated vertical line on brown paper. The line begins at bottom center and extends approximately three-quarters up the length of the paper.

The Fallen Easel

Nine lithographs with silkscreen on paper are framed in a cluster. Five long and narrow prints with black and white images of men in uniform fit together in a rough triangular form at top....

Flying Man with Briefcase at 2,816,949

This is a painted gatorfoam sculpture that is cut in the outline of a man wearing a suit and hat, who is holding a briefcase. The surface is painted black and the number 2816949 is written in...

Just a Matter of Time

Installation of a row of 15 gray cuckoo clocks with hammers and sickles hanging from their chains.


This is an oil painting on canvas. Reddish brown liquid, painted at center, forms the semi-abstract word, "Eye." Brown beans appear in the area of the liquid, and a green olive with a...

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