pluralism movement

Forum of the Americas for Diversity and Pluralism

Poster has an orange printed background. At the top is a reproduction of a multicolor mural showing a figure reaching out her hand toward a brightly colored bird. At the bottom of the poster is "...


This is a mixed media installation constructed with metal shoe taps, an antique three-seat shoe-shine stand, assorted pairs of shoes that are spray-painted white, and delayed playback of ambient...

The Fallen Easel

Nine lithographs with silkscreen on paper are framed in a cluster. Five long and narrow prints with black and white images of men in uniform fit together in a rough triangular form at top....

Flying Man with Briefcase at 2,816,949

This is a painted gatorfoam sculpture that is cut in the outline of a man wearing a suit and hat, who is holding a briefcase. The surface is painted black and the number 2816949 is written in...

Still Point

Work consists of two canvases attached to each other. One large square and a much smaller one attached to the top center.

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