This poster has a blue background inside a white margin and a row of three, black helicopters inside the blue area. Very large, red text at the top of the page reads "


Poster has a black printed background. Poster is divided into four sections - photos in the top two and bottom left and text at the bottom right. Photos show a man climbing a flagpole,...

No More U.S. Trespassing / on Panamanian Soil
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

This is a white poster with blue printing that fades from blue on the top and bottom to red in the middle. Large text along the top reads "No More U.S. Trespassing / on Panamanian Soil!" Below...

Wanted for War Crimes: General Frederick Woerner
c. 1989

Poster has a black and white photoraph of a man in front of a flag wearing a uniform. Below the photo is the caption, "General Frederick Woerner Commander of the U.S. Sixth Army, Presidio." Poster...

Tropical Landscape

Handbook Selection, 1984.

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