santa cruz

circa 1970|circa 1980

This is an oil painting on canvas that depicts a seascape of the area north of Santa Cruz, California. The composition shows a large rock on a beach at lower right and a rock arch at left...

circa 1975

This is an oil painting on canvas of the Santa Cruz coastline. Several men and women are painted on a strip of sandy beach at center in the composition. A cluster of buildings appears at lower...

Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster advertising a Reggae-Mylitis concert in Santa Cruz. Top third of poster is a green band, center is yellow, and bottom band is red. Image on left of a man singing into microphone. Image on...

Santa Cruz Industrial Hemp Expo

Poster printed on white paper. At the top is a stylized color image of the Statue of Liberty holding a marijuana leaf instead of a torch over a set of gears. The central gear''s openings are...

Bookshop Santa Cruz
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster shows a black line drawing on white background of a whale on the shore saying "Save Me", with two walking figures with a dog in front of the whale.

Santa Cruz Alphabet

Poster has a black background with blue text and a color illustration at the top showing the alphabet, with the letters associated with images - apples, bumper cars, clam chowder, dreadlocks,...

Late 20th Early 21st Century

This green and black poster advertises a concert at "The / Catalyst". There is a list of bands between two vine-covered tree trunks and a moon with a face fills the top of the page.

Rolling Thunder And Semu Huaute
Late 20th Early 21st Century

This is an off-white poster with black print. Text at the top introduces "An Evening With / Two Native American Medicine Men / Rolling Thunder / And / Semu Huaute". Below is an illustration of two...

Retreat of the Dictators?

This is a black poster with red text at the top reading "Retreat of the Dictators? / Transitions to Democracy / in South America." Below this title is a map of South America with red and black...

Babblon U, "Breaking Ground"

Poster printed in black ink on gold paper and contains a figurative landscape with a sphere moving from bottom right in a semi-circular arch toward upper right. Text at center reads "Babblon U...

Gaia Song

The top edge of the poster has a small image of the earth with green and blue concentric ellipses on either side of it with the text: " ?The choice we make today in how we build tomorrow / is our...

Against Coastal Oil Drilling? You'd Better Say So Now!
c. 1981

The poster is printed with black text and images on white paper. The top edge of the poster has a rectangular field divided into five even sections created by dashed lines. The first four sections...

Nature Woman, Man: Feminist Perspectives

Poster has a white background with black text. In the center is a black and white photograph of a stone statue of a woman on ahorse. Poster reads, "Nature, Woman, Man: Feminist Perspectives/...

First Annual women of color retreat

Poster is printed with black and maroon ink. At the top center are stencil outlines of women. Poster reads in black, "Center for racial education & smell this & dark bleeding in ink on...

Of Visible Distinction, UC Santa Cruz Women of Color Film & Video Festival 1993
Santa Cruz industrial hemp expo
c. 1999

Top left corner of poster has a rectangle with "Santa Cruz / Industiral / Hemp Expo 99" and a logo of a hemp leaf inside a gear/cog. Text in top right of poster reads " / 831.425....

No mas nucleares : Vote por los ni?os [No more nukes : Vote for the children]

Poster has a drawingin the center of children reaching towards a missile man eating a bunch of dollar signs. The poster reads, "no mas armas nucleares/ Vote/ por los ninos/ registre ahora para...

Spirit Of Africa Festival
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster is printed on yellow paper with text and images in red and black. The top of the poster has text in red and black: "Spirit Of / Africa / Festival". The bottom of the poster has a large red...

Raymond Saunders: Paintings, Mixed Media, and works on paper, 1972-1982

Poster has a black border with red text. In the center is an image of "Jack Johnson" 1972 by Raymond Saunders. It depicts an African-American man with a red bakcground and tags above. Poster reads...

Women Against War: A Vision For Peace

Background of poster consists of four black and purple photographs, one large photograph and three small at the right edge. The large photograph shows three ballet dancers mid jump with left arms...

Public Hearing to Stop Trident
c. 1979

Poster has an outline of submarine in red in the center dropping a bomb. On the submarine is "Nov. 1." The poster reads in blue, "Public Hearing to Stop Trident/ Convert Lockheed!/ Planning...

c. 1970

Poster has a red outlined image of two women along the left edge. The woman on the bottom has a baby next to her. The upper right reads, "Bread and Roses Women's Liberation Conference."

ca 1929

32-page booklet contains numerous black and white photographs of sights to see around California and some in the Pacific Northwest. The photos are accompanied by text, giving romantic...


Fetching depiction of an early twentieth century "bathing beauty" on the handle. The bowl features an illustration of buildings in Santa Cruz.

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