mounted photograph

c. 1895

The class picture shows students, mostly white, who are most likeley in their pre- to early-teens. There is quite a bit of diveristy in the children, including on African American boy, and three...


Image shows Harry Todd (right) and Henry Morrison (left) sitting on the steps of a porch, in their army uniforms.

*See 2000.171.3, 2000.171.10, and 2000.171.38 (a-b)

On the back of...

c. 1902

Image shows four men in hats and outdoor gear posing on top of a mound of rocks- one is carrying a pistol on his side, and has torn pants.

May 11, 1899

The photograph shows a group of male workers ranging from young to old, in a glove factory in Oakland. In the foreground there is stove, a table with golves piled onit, in the background there is...

c. 1902

Image is over exposed, but the image shows four men, posing on a rock, one holds a book and the other three look on. The man on the left has a patch of some sort (military? National Guard?) on...

c. 1902

Image shows four men in outdoor clothing posing in front of two very tall trees in a forrest, they all have on hats and are carrying walking sticks.


Image shows multiple regiments in formation with civilians watching the spectal.

On the reverse of the photograph it reads- handwritten:

Gen. Miller's Reserve 51st Iowa in front...


Landscape of the Presidio with with tents and the Bay.

Handwritten on the back:

Photo of our camp with others it is the of Camp Merriam but only a portion of the Presidio. Part of...

c. 1960

Image is of Doc and Nancy in fishing get-up, at the North fork of the Smith river (as written on the reverse). They are standing on some rocks, Doc with a fishing pole, Nancy with a large stick...

The photograph shows seven unidentified men, all wearing tuxedos, fraternal ribbons and fraternal hats. They are in front of a wall, with decorations off to the left, and the tip of the American...


Image shows a large group of men and women, dressed to the nines, standing in the door way of a large building with losts of windows- thier purpose is unknown


Image shows a group of children, all dressed nicely, standing in front of a house. The names of the children are handwritten on the reverse, as is the date

c. 1900

Image shows a mother and her four children posing for a portrait. They are wearing traditional Chinese costume. The mothers feet are bound, but the toddler girls are not.

There is a red...


The image shows a street with crowds along both edges, there are streamers and horses and a float in the background

c. 1900

image shows a family posed with instruments, as though they are playing. The father is the band leader, the mother plays a triangular hand-help harp with pick, one woman plays guitar, and another...


The image shows a float of a ship made with paper flowers. There is a line of people on the left as well as some other type of vehicle (possibly a fire wagon?) in the background is a group...


Image shows a group of men dressed in white uniforms all carrying long feather plumes- it is not apparent who they are, what organization they are marching for, etc.


Image shows six white horses pulling a very fuzzy cart. The image is very unclear.


Image shows a square float covered in greenery and paper flowers with 1906 on the front- there is one person in a white robe steering the float, and there are lots of people in white, in the back...


image shows six dark horses pulling a carriage covered in paper flowers


image shows a paper flower float of a boat in a parade. There are people and a house in the background, and a few kids in white on top of the ship float


image shows a man and woman standing side by side in front of a large boulder


image shows young boys dressed in white guiding six dark horses which are pulling a cart whose top you cannot see, except for lots of umbrellas


Image shows a young couple- possibly Harry Todd and wife Jeanie, leaning against large boulder

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