Make Love, Not War
c 1969

Poster has a black and white photograph of two rhinoceros mating. Above the photograph is the text: "Make Love, Not War".

c. 1968

Center of poster has wavy black lines arranged to form a stylized depiction of a man and a woman's legs and genitals engaged in coitus.


Book. Cover shows a barechested man in jeans and a leather jacket, and the words "Gay Capitol of the World" in red. It contains the subtitle, "The homosexual and how he lives," and a quote...


Magazine, Family Circle, January 1970, Volume 76, Number 1. 106 pages, 20 cents. Front cover image: "Dear Abby" in a red dress with a white and brown chocolate cake. Front cover text: "Family...


A paperback novel titled "Saigon After Dark" by Philip Marnais, published by Macfadden-Bartell Corporation, New York, 1967. 127 pages. Front cover shows a drawing of an American soldier talking...


This sheet is printed on two side. First side is "A Curse on the Men in Washington, Pentagon" by Gary Snyder is a poem speaking out against the war in Vietnam and for a return to nature (living...

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