Gay Football
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster printed on white paper. At the top is "Gay Football" followed by a stylized black, blue, green and yellow image of a soccer ball flying through the air at a beach. At the bottom left is...

The Official Unofficial Poser of the 1994 U.S. National Team

Poster has a color photo of a men''s soccer team posing for a photo on the field of an empty stadium. At the top left is a black box with "No / Power To / Drugs" in white. Across the bottom is a...

Girl Power

Poster divided into four sections (2x2). At the top left is a red background with a color photo of a girl kicking a soccer ball. At the top is "" in white. At the top right is...

We Were Made Stronger

Multi-color poster contains multiple sepia tone photographs of female soccer players against a background of a large black and white photograph of a woman's soccer team. Silver bands on the right...

USA 1994, Wayne Healy

Multi-color poster with an allover black background contains a colorful graphic of three people playing soccer on the top half of the page. Text on the bottom half reads, "USA 1994 / Wayne Healy...


Image depicts the St. Mary's College campus- several students playing soccer on a field, a bell tower in the distance and a hill behind it with trees scattered across it. From the Oakland...


Handwritten on back, "Chynthia Rodgers (22) wins medal in Blue Division, Soccer, in Special Olympics in Berkeley." Image depicts Rodgers brandishing her medal.


Handwritten on back, "Special Olympics - Berkeley, U.C. L->R Beth Reinl (19) & Tammi Sumlin w/Medals in Blue Division, soccer" Image depicts Reinl and Sumlin brandishing their medals.


The shorts are black, with three white stripes down the sides and a white panel that wraps around the back, from hip to hip. On the front, there is apatcs of the official logo of adidas.


The jersey is cobalt blue, with white panels on the sleeves and down the sides. On the front, there are patches of the official logo of Adidas, and the San Jose earthquakes, as well as a large...


Three students of Saint Mary's College/Pre-flight school playing soccer. A caption pasted to the back reads "An outstanding athlete as well as a good student, "Bill" Ford stars at soccer, tennis...


Description: Three girls in sheer black bras and short red skirts cheer on soccer players by kicking and raising their arms. A crowd can be seen behind them watching. The girls are the focus of...

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