billiard cue


handwritten on back"Willie Mosconi phila cue wizard"


Written on back; "Ralph Greenleaf, New York, 10 Times World's Pocket Billiard Champion,"

Photo shows Greenleaf sitting on billiard table in hard billiard pose

2003.1.61 exact...


Typed on back, "Ralph Greenleaf, New York, world's pocket billiard champion."

Photo shows Greenleaf sitting on billiard table, cueing a shot.

Duplicate of 2003.1.57


Tribune caption, "A SHOW BY WILLIE- Willie Mosconi, one of the greatest pool players of all time, shows form he uses to roll in championships. Mosconi has set a demonstration show at the Kue and...


Typed on brown paper, attatched to back,

"Defending Champion in World's Pocket Billiards Tourney: Ralph Greenleaf of New York, defending titleholder, as he appeared during his match with...


Typed on attatcvhed sheet of brown paper

"Getting Away With A Masse Shot: Ralph Greenleaf, World's champ of pocket billiars, is pictured here ready to get off his famous masse shot to send...


Typed on attatched brown sheet,

"His Winning Ways: An interesting study for divotees of pocket billiards- how Ralph Greenleaf, of New York, ten-time holder of the worldpocket billiard...

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