johnny pesky


Wirephoto shows Pesky writing on chalkboard, "Game Called Off"

Typed below the image, "Boston, Oct. 18- The Sign Tells All- Johnny Pesky, Boston Red Sox Coach, poses at blackboard in the...

November 5, 1942

Wirephoto shows Pesky receiving a trophy from Ray Brooks.

Typed below the image, "Portland, Ore., Nov. 5- Pesky Gets Double- Johnny Pesky, (left), rookie Boston Red Sox shortstop, named...


Typed on wirephoto: "Johnny Pesky Honored- Johnny Pesky, (left) Boston Red Sox infielder, receives a plaque from other members of the team as he was honored with a 'night' here tonight. Dom...


Typed on wirephoto: "Johnny Pesky gets Most Valuable Player Award: Johnny Pesky, Boston Red Sox infielder, receives trophy as most valuable player in American Association for his play last year...


Typed on wirephoto: "Johnny Pesky Joins Navy: John Michael Paveskovich (left) otherwise known as Johnny Pesky, star rookie shortstop of the Boston Red Sox, takes the oath from Lieut. Com. Edward...


Typed on wirephoto: "Johnny Pesky (right) ace Boston Red Sox shortstop, is shown shaking hands with heavywight boxer Lou Nova (left) last night at a testimonial dinner given by Pesky fans on the...


Typed on wirephoto, " Sets American League Scoring Record- Johnny Pesky (Above), Boston Red Sox shortstop, set an American League Record by scoring six runs on four safties in yesterday's slugfest...


Typed on wirephoto: "Fromer Red Sox Shortstop Weds- Ensing Johnny Pesky, former Boston Red Sox shortstop leaves St. Joseph's church today with his bride, Ruth C. Hickey, a member of the WAVES,...


Typed on photo:

" Pesky Welcomed- Johnny Pesky, Boston Red Sox shortstop is welcomed by loyal Bosox fans and his mother-in-law, Mrs. Ruth Hickey (left) and Effie Zawacki a cousin, upon the...

June, 13 1954

Typed on photo:

"The Washington Senators today aquired infielder Johnny Pesky, above, from the Detroit Tigers, for infielder Mel Hoderlein (not shown) and cash estimated at $20,000."


Tribune Caption reads "The engagement of Ensign Johnny Pesky of Portland, former Boston Red Sox shortstop, and Ruth C. Hickey of Lynn, Mass., aviation machinist's mate in the WAVES, has been...


Headshot of Johnny Pesky in Red Sox hat.


Headshot of Pesky in Red Sox hat

Oactober 4, 1949

Head shot of Johnny Pesky, in Red Sox hat

Johnny Pesky is a pseudonym for John Michael Paveskovich.

Setpember 13, 1943

Typed on back,

"Williams, Pesky Begin Training- Aviation cadets Ted Williams (left) and Johnny Pesky (center), are welcomed here by Capt. D.D. Gurley, USNR, commanding officer of Bunker...


Typed on attatched brown paper,

"Johnny Pesky is an in-fielder for the the Boston Red Sox."

Headshot of Pesky in Boston Hat.

Johnny Pesky pseudonym for John Michael...

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