Canto a Chile y Nicaragua

Poster has a white background with red text. Towards the bottom right is an image of musical instruments layered to look like a fist. The poster reads, "Canto a Chile y Nicaragua/ Sat. Mar. 24 8 p...

Septiembre : Mes de Solidaridad Con Chile [September : Month of Solidarity with Chile]
c. 1975

Poster has a white background with black text. In the center is an image of a person drawn with their right fist in the air. The poster reads, "Septiembre Mes de Solidaridad Con Chile."Pinochet's...

Boycott White Powder Bring Back Herb!

Poster has a white background with black text. Main image is of a broken needle over a fist with marijuana leaves in the background. Poster reads, "Boycott White Powder Bring Back Herb!/ We Are...

Freedom is won
c. 2007

Poster consists of black, yellow and red print on white paper. Image depicts a microphone held in the air by an extended human hand with another arm held up in front of it in a fist. Alternating...

Rini! Presente!
c. 2006

Poster consists of green, red-brown, orange, and black print on white paper. Image is a collage of images by Rini Templeton depicting mountains, human figures with fists extended, a woman reading...

United We Can...
c. 2007

Poster printed with purple, black, and yellow ink on white paper. The upper portion of the page has a purple background with "UNITED TO WIN" in lighter purple font that is repeated in diagonal...

Money for jobs, not for war!
c. 2003

Poster is white with black text. The bottom center has a black fist with "Socialist Worker" The poster reads, Money for jobs, not for war!"


Poster is printed on white/cream paper. Background of poster is yellow with black text. The poster has an image of a doorway with stairs. A red fist is pushing out a figure that has three heads...

U.S. Manpower
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Black and white poster contains a full page group photograph of muscular men wearing cropped white pants. The men stand in a setting with palm trees and several of the men hold bamboo torches. "...

Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster printed with black ink on red paper. Text on the top half of the page reads, "SJD Die Falken / Wehrt-Euch / Gegen Aufr?stung / und Sozialabbau / Peter Bursch / und die / Br?selmaschine."...

Fighting Back

Poster has a purple background and an unprinted white border overall. The right side of the poster has a montage of photographic images; a sort of guard tower with an American Flag on its side, a...

Nie Wieder Faschismus
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Poster is printed on white/cream paper. Poster has a black boarder. The top has black text in German that reads: "Nie wieder / Faschismus". Below this text is a black and white image of a fist...

Brev Til Brande

Poster is printed on white/cream paper. Poster has a white boarder with a black and white collage/comic strip. There are several images and boxes of text that appear to be German or Russian. Some...

We are Not a Show Horse, Doing a Performance

Multi-color poster shows two arms raised in the air on a blue-black background. Gloves are on both hands and each is clenched in a fist. Text in a red band across the bottom of the page reads, "...

Black Power is Back!

Poster printed with black ink on pale yellow paper. Large text at top in a black band reads, "Black Power is Back!" Below, two arms with raised fists appear at either side of the page. The left...

The Black Panthers

Poster printed with black ink on yellow paper. Text in a black band across the top of the page reads, "The Graduate Assembly presents its Distinguished Lecturer of Color Series: 'From Generation...

Defend the Wilderness
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Black and white poster shows a raised fist in a circular border slightly above center on the page. Large text above and below the graphic reads, "Defend / The Wilderness." Small text continues...

Berkeley High School Student Union Program

Poster has a circle at the bottom center that is half white half black with two fists and "Right On!" Above is "Berkeley High School/ Student Uion Program" with 11 statements...

9th Annual Radical Performance Fest '03

Poster has a white background with dark blue ink. In the center is a peace symbol surrounded by activity including feet kicking and dancing towards the bottom, images of explosions, music, and...

"The revolutionary war is a war of the masses; it can be waged only by mobilizing the masses and relying on them."
Late 20th - Early 21st Century

Black and white poster shows a photograph of two young men visible from the shoulders up with their fists in the air. A third person's arm and raised fist appear in frame at lower right. An out...

Black Power
c. 1970

Poster has an orange background with a large black fist in the center. Below the fist is "Black Power."

What We Mean By Black Power
1960 - 2010

Top third of poster has a red background with text in green and black: "What / We Mean By / Black / Power". The bottom two thirds of the poster has an orange background and the text: "Self...

untitled (Male Figure)
c. 1967

The poster has a thick unprinted border overall. The poster has a a stylized drawing of an African American, male figure. Shown from the chest up the figure is wearing a white collored shirt and...

Free All Political Prisoners

Poster is printed on tractor feed printer paper in black ink with a graphic of a raised fist in a shackle. The chain of the restraint divides text that reads "Free All / Political Prisoners."

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