Stop the War

Poster is printed on tractor feed printer paper in dark green ink. "Stop the War" is printed across the poster. A large graphic of a fist appears at center right and appears to be pushing down...

The Law Requires That You Inform Your Draft Board of All Changes in Status, Obey The Law to the Letter, Jam Your Board May 1970.

Poster is printed on tractor feed printer paper in blue ink. Text across the top of the poster reads "The Law Requires That You Inform Your Draft Board of All Changes In Status. A graphic of a...

Unite Against the War

Poster is printed on tractor feed printer paper in purple ink. "UNITE" appears above a large yin-yang symbol at center, and "Against The War" appears below. A raised fist appears on the left...


Poster is printed on tractor feed printer paper in red ink with the text "UNITE" above a large yin-yang symbol at center. A raised fist appears on the left side of the yin-yang symbol, and a hand...

Strike!  Get Out of S.E. [South East] Asia Now!

Poster is printed in blue, red, black, and yellow on white paper. "Strike!" is printed across the top of the poster in red horizontal stripes with a blue background. The "I" contains a graphic...

American Invasion!

Poster is printed in purple ink with the text "American Invasion! Peace Arch Blaine USA Sat. May 9 2PM Invade Amerika." A graphic of a raised fist appears at lower right.

A 67-foot-tall...


Poster has an image in the center of a large red fist. Across the fist is "Strike" in capital letters.

We Must Unite Now!

Poster is printed on tractor feed printer paper with black ink. In the top center are two fists, one white and one black that are crossed. Poster reads, "We Must Unite Now!"


Poster is printed on the back of a recycled hair care product advertisement. In the center is a large red fist with "Strike" printed below in red capital letters.

Support your local guerrilla

Poster has a red image with blue lettering below. At the top center is a fist holding up a red gun. Below in blue is "Support Your Local Guerrilla."

International Women's Year 1975

Poster has 16 black and white drawings and photographs overall. The images show women working, children, a fist with a poem, and women protesting. In the center is "press up" in large black...

no enemy
c. 2006

Poster is a large adhesive sticker. It has a brown background with white text and image. In the center are two fists with a dove above. Below reads, "no enemy."

No Enemy is a Santa Cruz-...

Stop War on Iraq, Stop Aid 2 [to] Israel
c 2003

Poster has red, green, and black stenciled spray paint. Top of poster has the text: "Stop War / On Iraq" . Below is a stylized image of a clenched fist and two peace symbols that have teeth like...

U.S. Out of the : Lebanon Now!
c. 2003

Poster has a half sheet of paper adhered to the top with black text. The top paper reads, "U.S. Out of the." The bottom half of the poster and bottom paper has a black box with white text. It...

Stop Fee Hikes: Terminate AH-NULD [Arnold]
c. 2005

Poster has several stenciled and spray painted images. At the top is a red outline of Frank Little. The bottom has a red outline of a fist. The top reads in blue, "Stop Fee Hikes." Below in green...

Middle East: International Socialist Organization
c. 2004

Poster reads "Middle East" in large black lettering across the top. Below is "International Socialist Organization" In the bottom left corner has a black fist.

March and Rally for Human Rights and Peace!

Poster has a red peace symbol and red circle with a fist in the center. The poster has black and white text with red accents. It reads, "From Hunter's Point to Hebron.. From East Oakland to...


Poster has a black figure outlined on the right, red text on the left, and white text on the right. The figure is raisig one fist into the air. Along the left is "Hell No Nobody Goes"...


Poster has five light blue silhouettes of hands. The center hand is a clenched fist. Above is "We Want Black Power" printed in light blue and black lettering.

This is a fake poster made for...


Poster is divded in three horizontal sections. The top has a green background with a brown arm and fist on the left meeting a yellow arm and fist on the right. Center section has red and black...


Poster on white paper, silk screened in dark green. (Printed on the back of old computer print-outs.) Image is of a fist, "Stop the War". This is one of the many Vietnam War Protest posters...


Poster has a drawing of a large black and white fist in the center. Around the fist is "All Power to the People" in large black lettering.

Untitled (poster version of 1965 woodcut "Hand")
circa 1966

Poster has white border overall. Poster has a red background with a black and white stylized drawing of a clenched fist.

Day of Youth Mobilization against plans to deploy new US Missiles in Western Europe

Poster has a drawing in the center of people outlined in black and white. There is a man and woman who highlighted in color raising their fists into the air. The man has on a blue shirt with...

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