Abstract collage with blue and cream colored element and a black diagonal line running through and other black lines at the top.


Nightime scene with sunset of blues, pinks and reds. Three dark palm trees grouped at left. Various objects scrawled in coloerd chalk throughout sky.


Nightime scene with sunset of blues, pinks and oranges. Vague outline of robot-type figure in lower left corner.


This is a framed print with a circular, gold design in the center. More circular designs are embossed into the paper


This is an abstract black and grey print using images of architecure and numerals.


Ceramic stack with round base leading to cylindrical top. Slab-constructed with visible joins. Anagama pit fired with unglazed brown and red varied surface


Wood fired stoneware stack, slab-constructed with open and visible joins. Unglazed tan, red, and brown varied surface.


Base of the sculpture is a black plexi rectangular cube with a white top. The white top is cut in the center to the contours of a translucent round form. A black textured form is visible...


Large plywood cube with found metal cut and nailed to surface. Composition appears as a patchwork of images in earth tones including houses, flowers, landscapes and abstract designs.


Large form constructed from multiple aluminum panels that are curved and bolted together. The surface is pained with polychrome epoxy in sections of color with splatters of pigment overtop.


This is an orange and black organically shaped painted abstract wall sculpture.


Ceramic sculpture composed of a blue flat curved form with a spiral form projecting out from one side. The surface has a rough texture with the peaks lightly colored with brown near the base...


This is a large sculpture made from polyethylene and resin in the form of a translucent green square with deckled edges. Faint horizontal lines appear at intervals across the front of the object...


This is an abstract, multi colored steel sculpture which resembles a tusk on a circlular base

c. 1990

This is a low fired ceramic work consiting of 2 parts. Each part is a small assembled grid pattern.


APPROXIMATE DATE: 1950 NOTES: Handbook Selection, 1984. ARTIST BIRTH: 1896 ARTIST DEATH: 1983


Abstract figure holding circular object on a rectangular base. Polychrome surface in geometric pattern outlined in black.

20th century|n.d.

Rectangular wooden cube with polychrome painted surface in abstract design composed of organic shapes, circles and dots.


Abstract sculpture of unglazed pale pink clay incorporates linen threads and feathers. The flat rectangular base has two parallel triangular sides. Circular shapes are suspended across the...


Glazed ceramic sculpture in multiple parts. A ceramic base that resembles metal pipes is formed with two vertical sides that connect to a rectangular base on parallel sides and join at top in a...


Sculpture formed from multiple branches painted with bright colors and configured in a loose cube.

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