abstract painting, mostly in shades of greens, blues and browns, textured


Geometric shapes and abstract design. Red, green, brown and blue lines. Pink and white ovals. Light blue and green squares. Purple borders top and bottom. Large orange area lower right....


Background is brown in color, canvas is covered in black free flowing lines with ivory, yellow and orange forms interspersed. Abstract,


Square abstract acrylic painting on canvas. Splashes of blue, gray, red, green, white and yellow throughout. One corner is predominantly red with two yellow striped arches (similar in shape to a...


Gouache and painting with graphite on board depicts an abstract composition of a cityscape. A tall light colored jagged rectangular shape appears at center set against an orange and red...


This is a mixed media painting with a flat rectangular surface that transitions from light gray at the top to white at the bottom. A small groove surrounds the white rectangular area separating...


Large abstract acrylic painting on canvas. There is a large central organic shape in orange with a black exterior outline and a yellow interior outline. Inside two oposite corners of the shape...


Acrylic painting on Mylar presents an image of diagonal grid lines in iridescent tones of black, beige, and red.

Les Demoiselles D'Avignon (Patrimony Series)

Oil painting on a circular canvas contiains a target-like image of concentric circles in shades of blue, red, orange, and white.


Oil painting on canvas stretched over elipse-shaped stretcher bars. The center contiains a violet ellipse ringed by purple, blue, green. and orange bands that echo the overall shape of the...


This is an abstract painting executed with oil on canvas in tones of yellow, brown, blue and gray. Gestural shapes blend throughout the composition with darker coloring on the upper portion of...

20th century

Image shows a man painting a woman with an instrument (possibly a mandolin?) He leans forward with his paintbrush to paint her right hand. He holds a pallette. A stool is to the left. Painter's...


Oil painting on canvas contains an image of two baseball players set against a multicolor abstract background. A male baseball player with a mustache appears at left facing the viewer wearing a...


This is an oil painting on canvas with a semi-abstract composition. A blue sky with planets in tones of purple and peach is painted across the center of the canvas. The composition is framed in...


This abstract painting features abstract red black and yellow figures. On verso "Collection of Carlo & Eleanor Anderson, Kensington, CA", "Lottery Played by the Gods, 1962, 20 x 25 1/2", "...

c. 1920 - 1989

A small oil painting on board contains an abstract composition in shades of orange and black. The surface of the painting is textured with paint and a slight waffle pattern is visible from the...


Abstract canvas of oil paint on linen held over wooden stretcher bars with metal tacks. The surface is a matte light blue with subtle texture of crossed brushstrokes. A partially obscure line...


APPROXIMATE DATE: 1938 NOTES: Purchased with funds given by Marguerite Laird. Handbook Selection, 1984. ARTIST BIRTH: 1899 ARTIST DEATH: 1978


Handbook Selection, 1984.

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