This piece is formed with nine ceramic tiles in a 3 x 3 grid. The tiles are glazed with abstract designs in primary colors on a white background. Three tiles have black glazed line drawings, two...


Small square stoneware plate with raised rim. Rim is cobalt blue and center is white with an abstract painted design in blue, brown, green and yellow.


Large stoneware platter with a tall round base and gradually flared sides that end in a scalloped round edge. White platter is decorated with cobalt glaze forming an abstract blue and white...


Rectangular clay plate with earth tone glaze. Left and bottom side of plate have reddish glaze while center has a more abstract design in blue-green glaze.

Per s.B. - Tall vase; stoneware; narrows to neck and ends in a wide lip. Glazed with thin, borwn overglaze. Marks formed in process of throwing the piece are used decoratively. Four abstract...


Round ceramic plate with a raised edge and a flat rim. Glaze is brush painted and has a gold background with blue pink and brown throughout in an abstract motif.


Round terra cotta plate glazed on top in light and dark gray, brown, tan and blue. Outer edge has a recessed lip rim with flat sides that go straight down to a flat interior. Inside of plate is...


Rectangular sheet black and white lithograph of an abstract composition. Image consists of black and white amorphous areas with rough and hazy contours. Black edge of image is deckled on top,...


This is a mixed media assemblage of primarily red and tan yarn wrapped around a wood and styrofoam structure.

Styrofoam core with cardboard tube. The core and tube are wrapped with yarns (...

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