c. 1970

Poster is printed on off-white colored paper with brown text and image. It has a drawing of a pelican in the center standing on a log. The poster reads, "A wonderful bird is the pelican;/ His...

National Wildlife Refuge System
c. 2003

Poster consists of a full page color image with blue text. Image depicts a collection of animals, a butterfly and flower in the forefront and water with a bush with Pelicans on it in the...

It's Not The Same Without Pelicans

Poster with horizontal bands of color, a poem along the right side, and an illustration of a pelican.

New Latin American Films

Poster has a white background with white and black text. Poster has images of a canopy of leaves along the top and extending down the right side. To the left is a lush green forest next to water,...

Save Our Earth

Poster has a stylized drawing overall. At top the sky has stars and a rainbow. The center of the poster has a stylized earth, sun, and tree with stylized cartoon like faces. The earth as an arm...

California Coastal Cleanup Day (Pelican)

Poster has stylized drawing overall in the style of a linocut or woodcut print, the drawing shows pelican in profile on a small rock with the ocean and sky in the background separated by a black...

Over The Top
circa 1976

Poster shows a child wearing a brown hat and riding on a pelican. Printed in white font above the child is "Over The Top." Printed below the pelican and child is "A Benefit For...

c. 1940s

A set of fourteen wooden blocks. Each block is carved on two sides, with the design in white and the background in a solid color; the other four sides have numbers or objects stamped on them. A...


There are two Tribune photos attached to the back of the photo; The first, dated October 24, 1983, reads "As this jowly flotilla of pelicans shows, an unhurried swim in Lake Merritt is as good a...

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