Ghost Rider

Poster printed on white paper and has a stylized, multicolor image of a man riding a motorcycle in the desert, with an image of a knight riding a horse in the sky. At the bottom center of the...

untitled (knight and a palm tree)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has black ink printed on white paper, showing a stylized illustration of a knight roasting food over a fire, with a plam tree and a bed of crystals at the left.

The 21st Annual Renaissance Pleasure Faire

At the top left corner of the poster is the Pepsi logo. At the top right corner of the poster is the Diet Pepsi logo. The poster shows two women in period clothing, two knights on horseback...

Renaissance Faire

Poster has five colored photographs of participants at the Renaissance Faire including a knight, jester, and child eating. Printed above the photographs are "Wildly Authentic Revelry in...

Ghost Rider

Poster has a neon image in the cneter with black fuzzy flocking as the accents. The bottom center has "Ghost Rider" in white lettering. The image depicts a man with blonde hair, a green shirt and...

Stop militarism in our schools!
c 1970

Poster has an image of a knight in a military shirt and armor standing in front of a blackboard with white text. Teh knight has on a helmet and is holding a shield and a sword. It has a gun on its...


Image depicts a hand holding a plastic toy soldier holding a lance and mounted on a horse. behind this are a number of shelves with other plastic toys, including other knights, sheep, rams and...


From bottom inner portion of mat, "Arthur F. Mathews (Calif. 1860-1945) "San Francisco Souvenir - Frontispiece to Knight Templar's Grand Entree March," four color lithorgraph, 1883, signed in...

ca. 1920

Camelot-type image of knights on horses with a forest and castle. Mural is comprised of 3 tiles.


Tall rectangular yellow basket with opening at top. Made from ash splints covered with a transfer print on rice paper. There is an image of a blue knight on one side and blue text with two small...

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