The Gr'ups

Poster has red and black ink printed on white paper. At the top center is "The / Gr''ups". At the top left is "from San Francisco U.S.A." in a banner of a circle with an A and a basket in it. At...

The Grateful Dead

Poster has black printed edges enclosing a color image of an outdoor concert. On the top and bottom edges is "The Grateful Dead / a day in the sun" and "June 4, 1978 U.C. Santa Barbara".

untitled (concert)
Late 20th Early 21st Century

Poster has two color photo of bands performing on stage.

San Francisco Fringe Theatre Festival

Poster is printed overall with a stylized drawing in green and blue on white paper. Top of the poster has a green curtain with a prop Golden Gate bridge shrouded in fog suspended from four strings...

c. 1992

Multi-color poster shows a photograph of a man in a country western outfit standing on stage holding a guitar. A spotlight shines down on the man from top center and the stage background...

The 8th Wonder Folsom Street Fair

Poster has a black background overall. There is a thin white line around the perimeter of the poster. The upper left corner has a small SMMILE logo and the text: "SMMILE presents". The top of the...

Decade: Folsom Street Fair '93

Poster has a black background with text and images in tan. Upper right corner has a small SMMILE logo and the text: "presents". The top of the poster has the text: "Folsom / Street / Fair '93 /...

untitled (two clowns)

Poster has an unprinted white border overall. Poster is printed overall with a black and white photograph of a male and female figure standing side by side in front of a light colored curtain....

Theatre In Revolution

This poster features a large tan area in the upper right ? of the area. A red section runs the length of the tan area's left border with a small, black section below. A red rectangle covers the...


From "Miller, Ann Actress Is Mrs. Reese L. Milner" folder. From back of photograph: "Ann Miller, Sugar Babies, Oct. 25 Orpheum." Photograph of Ann Miller dancing on the stage of "Sugar Babies...


Handwritten on back, "New Kids on the Block at the Cow Palace in San Francisco." Below this, typed upside-down is "NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK atthe [sic] Cow Palace 2-19-91, almost...

Handwritten on front, "Anisa Rasheed performing a solo in Deborah Vaughan's 'Rediscovering Ntu' in line, front. Denice Simpson, Laura Ellis, Michael McElvane, Gina Izampuye, Latanya Tigner"


The Hawkins Family gospel singing group is on the stage in a semi-circle, standing at microphones, with an orchestra behind them, in what appears to be a rehearsal (due to the mixed casual attire...


From the caption that ran with the image: "St. Mary's Students Slept In Chapel : Vow to remain on 'water fast' until demands are met." Image depicts 6 students sleeping in...

c. 1950

Interior of Sweets Ball Room showing Latino band on stage.

"Dietz Opera House, interior"


A costumed Asian-American woman is playing a drum from a raised rectangular stage in the garden of the Oakland Museum.. The event is an Asian-American Festival. Spectators are seated and standing...

May 2, 1916 May 21, 1916

Kahn's Department Store Bathing Girls, May 2, 1916. Night Flash.


Kahn's Department Store Bathing Girls Posing on the stage. May 2, 1916. Night Flash.

H. C. Capewell Department Store, night flash view of Bathing Girls on the stage.


Mills College - Pal Writers Club On Stage, October 12, 1915


A banquet is underway in this scene in an auditorium beneath a raised stage. Four men and two women are standing behind the front table. The guest tables are arranged in three parallel rows...


From back of photograph: "Orchestra. Holy Names College." An orchestra of college students. The women are mostly seated in chairs on stage; a few in the back stand. All wear matching white...


Notes written on back of photo: "Chinese lion capivates kids, Union Square, S.F." Newspaper caption pasted on back of photo: "With firecrackers popping and children watching, Chinese lion...

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