Kay Sekimachi

Ikat box
mid 1960s

Weaver Kay Sekimachi wove the diagonal brown and black alpaca twill weave for this coat and scarf. A: Coat, has a high yoke with kimono style sleeves, 3/4 length; the yoke is set apart from the...


Hand weaver, Kay Sekimachi wove the laid in brocaded fabric for this beige quexquemtl. (Quexquemtls, a small Mexican garment worn over a bodice, or as a bodice, were very popular with the Bay...


Long skinny black woven tube. The hanging end is smaller and tapers to a larger opening that has multiple strings hanging loose at the bottom end. Top end has a loop of fishing line attached.

Flax Bowl

An almost transparent bowl formed from string like flax. The sides of the bowl and bottom have seven gold leaf flakes adhered to the inside. The bottom of the bowl is a small flat circle shape....

Amiyose III

Hanging textile made from monofilament, hand dyed black with RIT dye, using plain weave, double, quadruple and tubular weave.

untitled (paper bowl)
late 20th century

This is a spherical handmade paper bowl.

20th century

This is a sculpture of two spherical forms made out of dark gray handmade paper with embedded string. (A) The larger sphere has an open slit at the top. The bottom interior of the large sphere...

untitled (String Basket)
Late 20th Century

This is a small bowl made from cotton string. The bowl's multiple black and tan string spokes are reinforced with paper fiber through the sides of the bowl and hang over the rim approx 2-3...

BALL/BOWL (paper bowl with strings)
c. 1985

Oval shaped off-white handmade paper bowl with small flat bottom. String spokes are embedded in the paper starting from the flat base through the length of the bowl. The string spokes extend...

Untitled (string basket on block)
20th century

A small circular basket woven with black string rests on a blond wood block. The spokes of the basket hang over the edge of the basket and drape down the length of the wood block.

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