political protest

South Africa will be free!
For Freedom We Shall Lay Down Our Lives.
Stop Bombing El Salvador
Stop the U.S. War in El Salvador
Help Stop U.S. Arms Shipments to El Salvador
El Salvador: Steps to Freedom
El Salvador: No More Military Aid
Chile Si! Junta No!: Support the Democratic Rights of the Chilean People
Unity & Struggle: 6 Years of Solidarity with Chile
Convergence February 2010
Crash the convention
Health care is a human right!
Stop Bombing El Salvador
?No Criminalizati?n de los Inmigrantes!  ?No Muros!
Oppose the Philippine Dictatorship!
Stop the Nazis!
Stop Them!
No War for Big Oil
Stop The Reagan War Machine!
June 12 March & Rally New York N.Y.
August 12 No Nukes
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