Face of Temple Rock, Echo
Promontory Trestle, Engine on Trestle West No. 3
Cinnamon Bear, Laramie
Colfax and Party at Echo City
Valley of Shadow
Tourists, Ripple Lake
Devil's Gate Bridge
Monument Rock, No. 3, Echo Canyon
Devil's Gate Bridge
Rockey Way, Black Hills
Wilhelmina Pass
Tunnel No.2 , Head of Echo
Entrance to Tunnel No. 4
Great Trestle Bridge over North Platte
Fremont from Hotel
Old Tower, Church Buttes
Salisbury's Cut, Promontory
Great Trestle at Promontory
Tea Pot, Green River, Distant View
Looking Down Temporary Track from Wasatch
Round Houses, Grand Island
Machine Shops, Omaha Looking West
Interior of Passenger Coach, Omaha
Witches Rock, With Group, Echo City
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