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Support The Struggle For Freedom In South Africa
Benefit Event
1968 General Strike
Celebrate African Liberation Day '77
La Resistencia Vencera! [The resistance will win!]
Chile: ?La Resistencia Continua!
Homage to Pablo Neruda
Victoria en Nicaragua, Julio 1979
Celebracion Del Palo De Mayo: A May Pole Celebration
Celebrate the Return to El Salvador
Chile: Stoffbilder aus Elendsvierteln
People retake park: good times
Won't you please come to the park?
Scissor sisters
California Hall
Before you enlist
Act up fight back fight AIDS
Palestine Statehood Now!
untitled (Greek anarchist protest)
Forum on the Humanities and the Public World
untitled (prisoners bound to Chile)
untitled  (frog with microphone on gun)
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