Andrew J. Russell

Dan Tilden and Friend
Slaughterhouse, Promontory
Steamer Kate Conner, Bear River, Wasatch Mountains in Foreground
Group at S.B. Reed's Office, Echo
Distant View of Castle Rock Station
Eagle Rocks, Echo
Echo City from Conglomerate Peaks
Front Street, Columbus
Ripple Lake, White Pine Canyon
Tunnel No. 4, Weber Canyon, Eastern Portal
Looking across the Summits of the Wasatch Mountains
Castle Rock Station
Castle Rock, No. 2, [Echo]
Temporary Bridge, Devils Gate
Temporary and Permanent Bridge, Green River, Citadel Rock in Distance
Promontory Trestle, Engine on Trestle, West, No. 3
Bird's Eye View of Weber Canyon
Birds Eye View of Cheyenne
Warner and Whitman's Group, Echo
Dan Casements at Echo
Green River Bridge, Temporary
Looking down on Salt Lake Valley from the Wasatch Mountains, from Elevation of 2000 Feet
Excursion Party on Devil's Gate Bridge
Rawlings, Machine Shops from West
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