Peace Pagoda
To Announce the Light In Places of Darkness
Earth Walk
Summer 1966 - Big Sur Hot Springs
Celebration of rivers
River in Crisis: Eel River Summit and 8th Anniversary Celebration
A Celebration World Environment Day
EcoFest IV
Twenty Years Of Planet Drum!
A Celebration For The Earth: Environmental Inaugural Ball
The Ninth Annual Celebration of Craftswomen
International Women's Week, 2004
Women of Color
In Celebration of Working Women at UCSF 1988
Margie Adam Songwriter In Celebration
Phoebe Of Cenchrae
Celebrate San Francisco Pride 2006
Rightfully Proud: San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Day Parade & Celebration
Christopher Street West Parade & Carnival: A Celebration of Gay Pride
A world w/o borders
Stengthen the Ties Break the Chains
Together In Pride
Stonewall 20: A Generation of Pride
Beax Arts Comix Ball
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