Patientta Rotam Justitiae Agitat
Destroy All Politician
Class War
Boogie for Hallinan
Coming to a Courtroom Near You
The Courts are in Contempt of Women
Juan Guzman
Eleuthera the Party of Justice
Marjorie McKenzie Lawson
Louise Olivereau
Stop the FBI Witch Hunt!
Stop the FBI Witch Hunt!
Protect The Rights Of All Californians: Retain the Justices
untitled (judge explaining rules of the court to defendant)
Ethnic Cleansing
Stop The Kidnapping!
You Be The Judge
Vote Yes on 66
Ethnic Cleansing: Three Reichs and You're Out
Juan Guzm?n: Human Rights in Chile: Then and Now
untitled (French court scene)
Ethnic Cleansing
The Conspiracy Trial: Chicago, Feb. 1970
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