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Take Affirmative Action
National Day Of Action To Defend Integration & Affirmative Action!
Defend Affirmative Action By Any Means Necessary!
Speak Up!: Affirmative Action Means Justice!
Admissions Office Takeover
Strategies Of Empowerment: A Diverse Academy In A post-Affirmative Action World
Prop 209 Debate
Speak Up for Affirmative Action
If She Were Here... (Bessie Smith)
If She Were Here... (Eleanor Roosevelt)
If He Were Here... (Martin Luther King, Jr.)
If He Were Here... (James Baldwin)
If He Were Here... (Cesar Chavez)
Excellence in Diversity, Affirmative Action: Dispelling the Myths
Attend the Bay Area Student Conference Against the Bakke Decision
West Coast Anti-Bakke Mobilization
Oppose The UC Regents Decision: How Many Steps Back Will We Allow?
Overturning 209
Reverse The Ban On Affirmative Action In the UC System NOW
YWCA Purpose
The Klan Supports 209
West Coast Anti-Bakke Mobilization
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