untitled (jet flying through the sun)
untitled (woman with child on her back)
untitled (figures and Asian text)
untitled (figures on thrones)
The Martial Artist's Highest Goal is the Peaceful Resolution of Conflict
Women on the Land
America's Gift for Asia
Asia for Asians
Medical Aid for Indochina
Thank You
untitled (Asian text and the sunset)
The Unkillable Dream
Supporting an Army of the People and for the People
untitled (gathering of Asian figures outdoor in the snow)
untitled (Asian figures at a construction site)
untitled (Asian figures on a boat)
untitled (Asian soldiers)
untitled (Asian village and jungle scenes)
untitled (two illustrations of an Asian village)
untitled (two men sitting and talking)
untitled (man teaching children)
untitled (child dresses in military accessories)
untitled (figure crouching among smoke)
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