Constructing Permanent Bridge, Green River
Temporary Bridge, Devils Gate
Temporary and Permanent Bridge, Green River, Citadel Rock in Distance
Mormon Turnpike Bridge, Mouth of Weber Canon from The Great West Illustrated in a Series of Photographic Views Across the Continent
Temporary Bridge, Bear River, Corinne
North Platte Bridge
Loup Fork Bridge, Interior
Great Trestle Bridge over North Platte
Cribwork Bridge, Green River
Loup Fork Bridge, Exterior View
Loup Fork Bridge, Interior
Constructing Temporary Bridge at Devil's Gate, Weber
Temporary Bridge, Devil's Gate, Weber from Below
Tunnel No. 3, Weber with Engine
Duplicate, Ogden Bridge and Wasatch Mountains
Ogden Bridge and Wasatch Mountains
Building First Bridge over Weber
Mormon Toll Bridge at Mouth of Weber Canyon
Bike Rally
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