north american indian

"Child of this earth..."
1995 Tundra Books
Moonstick: The seasons of the Sioux
Untitled (Indian Woman)
"Everyone likes to give as well as receive."
"Why should an Indian woman have to bleach her hair to be accepted?"
Where is the Eagle Gone
Raven Woman
"I am come of the seed of the people..."
"Collectively and individually we American Indians have a nationality of our own..."
Agent orange, white and blue
Cheif of Chiricahua Apaches
Peace and Dignity Journeys 1992
May Day 1980: Celebration Of International Solidarity
We Shall Recover the Land: The Mapuches of Chile
untitled (quote from A Wintu woman)
untitled (MX missile)
Public Forum Native American Women in Action Many Fronts, One Struggle
Honor: A Benefit for the Honor Earth Campaign
Incident at oglala: The Leonard Peltier story
Still in prision...still innocent!
Warrior: The life of Leonard Peltier
17th Annual Stillaguamish River Festival & Pow Wow
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