Cut near Blue Creek
Salt Lake from Trestle Work
Promontory from West
Slaughterhouse, Promontory
Promontory Trestle, Engine on Trestle, West, No. 3
Promontory Trestle Work
East and West Shaking Hands at Laying Last Rail
Officers of Union Pacific Rail Road at Ceremony of Laying Last Rail at Promontory
Engineers of U.P.R.R. at the Laying of the Last Rail, Promontory
Laying Last Rail, Promontory
Slaughterhouse at Camp, Blue Creek
Promontory Trestle, Engine on Trestle West No. 3
Great Trestle at Promontory
Before Laying the Last Rail, Promontory, Utah
Dead Fall, Promontory
Mack's Cut
[...] Laying Last Rail
Great Trestle Work, Promontory
Caves at Promontory
Paymaster's Car, Promontory
Eating House, Promontory
Group of Officials at Laying Last Rail
Ceremony of Laying Last Rail
Little Mack's Cut, Promontory, Cut No. 4, East of Promontory
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