Sicherer Arbeitsplatz? 35- Stunden-Woche?
Bozen Raus!
Keine Festung Europa! No Fortress Europe!
Golfkrieg ist Mord.
Stop Police Brutally
Stop The Murder of Gary Graham
You Can't Vote Against A Yuppie Takeover
Black August Resistance: Demonstrate at San Quentin
Anti-authoritarian peace picnic
Anti-fascist resistance in Eastern Canada
Rent-a-demo hilft ihnen!
B.U.G.A. U.P.
Labor Against the War in Iraq
Stop the War Against Iraq
untitled (dokworker protest with Cyrillic text)
untitled (figure in white dress droping flowers on protest)
Oppose the UC Regents' Deciscion: Defend Affirmative Action
Stop the Nazis! Mass mobiliation, Civic Center
Stop Racist Attacks
Stop: Eliminate Persistent Orgaince Pollutants (POPs)
Stop the KKK!
Overturn the Bakke Decision
Week of Education & Action Against the Bakke Decision and Racism
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