Stop the U.S. War in El Salvador
A Kinder, Gentler Nation?
Nicaragua Libre
Victoria en Nicaragua, Julio 1979
Women in Arms, Mujeres en Armas
Stop militarism in our schools!
Incident at oglala: The Leonard Peltier story
Widerstand in den USA
Vietnam film festival and arts fair
Whose side are you on theirs or Nixon's?
Military off campus
El Salvador, das Land der brennenden Hauser
El Salvador Wird Siegen-Mit Unserer Hilfe!
Palestine Statehood Now!
David & Goliath
untitled (handfull of soldiers)
Viva La Revolucion
Mister Smith Goes To Obscuristan
untitled [walking man with book and rifle]
Fascist Infested!
They Also Die Who Stand and Watch
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