Russia 1917
Cold War
10 Years After Chernobyl
untitled (flowers on a piece of paper)
untitled (men gathered around a machine with illustrations lining the poster border)
untitled (tea dispenser)
untitled (astronaut children in a ferris wheel)
untitled (red face of a man)
Festival is Peace
untitled (1827 photo of a man)
untitled (man's face with an angry expression)
untitled (star medal and tank)
untitled (Russian Lenin poster)
untitled (communist logo and ship)
untitled (communism and the USSR)
untitled (Olympics in the USSR)
untitled (1980 Olymic bear)
untitled (smiling world with pigtail braids)
untitled (sickle and hammer)
untitled (Lenin)
untitled (flower with a dove at the center)
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