Together with their parents...
11.875 in HIGH x 15.125 in WIDE x .5 in DEEP
(30.16 cm HIGH x 38.42 cm WIDE x 1.27 cm DEEP)
Gift of DeAnna Christmas

Dinner reception immediately following

The bridegroom is from Nigeria. His family brough the wedding garments for the bride and groom with them from Nigeria. This is a framed wedding photograph (showing the groom and the bride in their wedding garments, mentioned above) as well as an invitation to the wedding "Together with their parents, De Anna Marie Christmas and Calistus Azubuike Hillary request the honour of your presence at their marriage on Saturday, the seventeenth of August, nineteen hundred and ninety-one at five o'clock in the afternoon, 6505 Chaukkar Lane, Bakersfield. Dinner Reception immediately following." There are embossed roses at the upper right and lower left corners of the invitation. The large mat for the frame is white, backed with a marblized green. The frame is dark green, marblized green and brown.

Used: wedding | Bakersfield | De Anna Christmas | Calistus Azubuike Hillary

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