This crazy quilt, made by Martha Wright Thomasson in Gilroy, is made in blocks, with eccentric embroidery (resembling streamers) meandering over the edges of the blocks, all over the surface of the quilt. There are several other noteworthy areas of embroidery: an elk or deer on red silk taffeta and nasturtiums embroidered in very fine chenille thread on black silk faille, for example. There are hand painted sections: baby blue flowers on cream colored silk, white daisies on navy blue silk taffeta and purple and yellow pansies (or violas) on brown silk taffeta. There's lots of applique: a butterfly and many ribbons. There are also unusual fabrics: various plushes and other pieces that look like "fake fur," in a variety of colors. The quilt is backed in gray silk with small bell-shaped flowers printed in pink with green stems; there's a self ruffle all the way around the quilt edge. The quilt is not "quilted" but is tied with a few delicate pink ribbons which are visible on the back. The quilt was passed on in the family. Martha's daughter, donor's grandmother, Annie E. Thomasson Clark, had it; Annie's daughter, donor's mother, Helen Martha Clark Denton, kept it in a cedar chest. Donor,, Loriel McKee displayed it on the wall of her home for a while, then deciding that it better belonged in a museum.

Used: bedding | Decoration | Martha Wright Thomasson | Gilroy

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