1.625 in WIDE
(4.13 cm WIDE)
Gift of Deanna Vickers

Crown Make

This pair of cream colored satin suspenders (or braces) has flowers and wheat embroidered at the front in varigated greens, pink and gold color. Silver colored metal guides are stamped "Crown Made." "Craown made also appears center back on a piece of white leather; white leather button holes are suspended from elastic, front and back; however the elastic is worn and sagging. This pair of suspenders (or braces) might have been worn by Snyder when he married Rachel Sears (see listing also under Rachel Sears Snyder) in 1874. Snyder died in 1878; because the wear on this accessory doesn't seem too great, they might have been worn for his wedding.

Used: adult | Male | Jacob Rink Snyder | Sonoma | Wedding?

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